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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 15, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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searching for flight 370 falls short. is the remote spot in the indian ocean just too deep for successful recovery of debris? and the video of ultimate determine nation for man versus fence. the surprise ending that nobody predicted. this is way too early. good morning. it's tuesday, april 15. welcome it "way too early," the show that doesn't climb fences, but does mend them game of thrones style. we have the ukranian president asking for the u.n. to send peace keepers to the eastern part of that country. separatists are seizing more government buildings there and yesterday it was a police station. now though it is unverified, there is video that appears to show ukranian police being given orders by a russian officer.
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efforts to force russian sympathizers out of the buildings have been unsuccessful. a deadline set to clear militants under the threat of force has come and gone without any action. in a tough phone call, president obama spoke with putin calling on him to move troops from the ukraine border and ask russians in seized buildings to stand down. putin said moscow was blameless in the protests pointing to the kiev government. also came yesterday a fighter jet made 12 passes over the uss donald cook. reportedly flew as close as 500 feet. meanwhile a trip to the region by john brennan is getting unwanted attention. the white house is acknowledging brennan travelled to ukraine after the visit was exposed by russian media. federal authorities will pursue hate crime charges against frazier glenn cross, arrested in connection with the murder of three people at a jewish community center and
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nursing home in kansas city. the former kkk grand dragon was at one time a green beret in vietnam, but later years, he helped form mailitimilitias. reportedly yelled heil hitler as he was taken away in police custody. police say none of his victims were actually jewish. caught in the cross fire were a doctor and his 14-year-old grandson, attacked while heading to a talent audition. the boy's mother showed incredible poise at a news conference. >> it was a horrible act of violence and my dad, our dad, and my son were at the wrong place at the wrong time for a split second. he was with us for a wonderful 14 years. he had a really full life for 14-year-old. and we were very blessed. people keep saying how come you're so strong and i'm strong because i have family, i'm strong because i have faith. i know that god did not do this.
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i know that there are evil, evil actions. but what we do have is each other and we have love. >> her composure and grace is so admirable. also killed is terri lamanno who was visiting her mom at a nursing home facility. thousands will gather today to mark the one year anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. joe biden will speak at a tribute for the victims and for those who will once again run in america's most iconic sporting events. security is being ramped up. 36,000 runners expected to participate, second largest field in the race he's history. and in the retelling of the story, there is an effort to shift to the strength of the community. this weekend there was a photo
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shoot of the firefighters and survivors, every day bostonians. john odom expressed his gratitude to the medical team that saved his life. >> my outcome was uncertain, didn't know if i was going to live. when i left here may 23rd of last year, i was still in a bed, future was still uncertain. yes, i was going to live. but i didn't know if i'd ever walk again. but i stand here today in front of you to thank you personally for saving my life and for all the miracles you perform. >> in other news, pulitzer prize awards are out and among them, entries that inspired and others that generated outright anger. the novel the gold finch won for fiction, "boston globe" staff won for breaking news kufrcover. tyler hicks for his photos.
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but more controversial was the award for public service presented to the guardian and the "washington post" for exposing the nsa's phone and e-mail tapping that was based on edward snowden's leaks. snowden called it a vindication, but many more were outraged including congressman peter king who called the decision a disgrace. after five grueling days, cross-examination of oscar pistorius was now over. earlier today prosecutors questioned his version of the night his girlfriend reeva steenkamp was shot and his reaction upon sgofring that he fatally wounded her on the bathroom floor. >> that must have been an unbelievable shock. >> that's correct. >> you and you never screamed and shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you toand shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you tond shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you tod shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you tond shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you toand shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you to
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and shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you toou and you neverd shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you tou and you never shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected you to and you never s shouted out? >> that's correct. >> mr. pistorius, i would have expected yand you never sc scre to her. >> i was talking to her all the time saying please hold on, jesus, please help me. >> yesterday pistorius was accused of staging his courtroom outbursts to hide his frustration at the questioning. the search for missing flight 370 has hit a snag. the u.s. water releasing this footage of the blue fin drone being deplodeployed. just six hours into the first dive, the craft was forced back to the surface after reaching its limit of 4500 meters. it isn't a good start for the phase of search that many considered to be a long shot because of the dep itths there in that part of indian ocean. there is another victory for advocates of same-sex marriage, this time in ohio. a federal judge ruled the state must recognize marriages of same-sex couples performed in other states. in his ruling, judge black called ohio's ban up constitutional, unenforceable and arbitrary discrimination.up and arbitrary discrimination.
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there are currently 23 states that allow for marriage equality with five of those states still waiting to hear appeals. ohio joining kentucky, tennessee and oregon as being now forced to recognize other states' marriage equality laws. john boehner's tea party challenger is looking for a laugh in his fight against the ohio republican. the candidate is out with a web video mocking the house speaker's long tenure on capitol hill. take a peek. >> you make a great team. but your electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow. sometimes when a politician as been in d.c. too long, it goes to his head and he can't seem to get the job done. used on a daily basis, it will help you every time the moment is right. to have your voice heard at the federal level. other signs of electile disfunction may include the inability to punch once self outside of a paper bag.
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smoking. and golf. if you have a boehner lasting longer than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention. winteregg. boehner shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch. let's talk business news. investors l. will look to 3wi8d after stocks surged. with the dow up nearly 150 points, cbs nbcnbc's steve sedg live for us in london. >> some of those big waters in the market about qe, about ukraine, they vjust dissipated somewhat. much better than previous years. also citigroup had good numbers, as well. shares up 4.4%. the market now looking forward to today to the likes of yahoo! and intel, as well. elsewhere, gm having a big shakeup of a couple of the key roles in the company. mary barra has put in john patron as head of resources.
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and randy erics will be in communications. so big heads moving around at gm as they still continue to deal with the problems about the decade long recall issue. >> one big thing that is coming out today, the first day google glass now available to the public. kind of a steep price tag. depends on where your tech love falls, i guess. >> this is the google glass explorer program. it's a model where they're testing this and taking some features off, putting new ones on. but you have to be a part of the test program. $1500. plus your sales tax. and you do get some very interesting features, you could even get a free sunglasses or newly introduced prescription glass frames with it, as well. you don't get video conferences. you will get improved battery life and better photo sharing. but paying $1500 plus sales tax to be part of an unfinished product doesn't seem steep, but it's one day only and limited
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number for americans over the age of 18 years. >> and there are proare probablh people willing to pay that 1500 bucks. steve, thanks so much. shifting gears now to our twitter question for you today, and it's he a caption contest about sticker shock. tweet us your most creative caption for this photo of the first lady using the #way too early. she was at walter reed, took the dogs to visit with military kids. and boy, did it she get in on the fun. we'll share some of your best captions coming up. still ahead, if you dig the long ball, you have to see the highlights from cincinnati last night. and bring your abicus for this one. and how does one prepare for hosting the mtv movie awards? conan o'brien takes us behind the scenes.
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the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. looks like the world's most decorated olympian is making a comeback. michael phelps opening up the possibility for a run at the 2016 games in rio. he'll swim the 500 and 100 meter free styles and 100 meter butterfly next week. but before you get too excited, his coach says i think he just wants to test the waters a little bit. he's a native of my little town.
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>> so you and him are like this. >> yeah, thick as -- >> you taught him everything. >> thick as strangers. yeah. to baseball and true slugfest in cincinnati. reds and pirates combined 10 home runs before play suspended. the game resumes today tied at 7 in the 7th. and now we take to you philadelphia. braves trailing the phillies 6-5. ninth inning bases loaded. >> it's a grand slam! >> clears the bases with one swing of the bat. braves winning it 9-6. but hang on, probably one of the best angle, check out the philly fans taunting uggla in his at bat. body language changes quickly.
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>> nice camera work. >> priceless. amazing pictures of the moon. it shifted from bright white to totally dark to blood red. the next one will happen in october. this was all in celebration for bill kirns warins who is now officially 40 years old and you did not do shots on the golf course. >> i refused shots. took 40 years to learn, but -- >> good for you you. but you had a great birthday? >> wasn't bad. golf, ben and jerry's, what else do you need. everyone is laughing. wait until you're 40. yesterday we had some of the nasty weather in mississippi and also in texas a. we had pictures to prove it. hail of course was the problem. wasn't quite bad enough to shatter the windshield. in mississippi, it was worse,
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though. we did see the winds gusting hard and we did see some damage down will. no tornadoes confirmed. it's a soak rain up the east coast. this is just typical april. like 80 one day and the next day you'll need the hat and gloves. that's the case today in the ohio valley, tomorrow in the northeast. but we have rain all the way now in new york, d.c.. gusty winds. and already 1 to 2 inches on the ground from cincinnati to detroit. it's 26 degrees in detroit with snow on the ground this morning. careful on the bridges and overpasses. it's cold in dallas at 38. we are 20 degrees -- actually 30 degrees warmer in washington, d.c. right now than we are in dallas, texas. >> weird weather. >> it is. just get ready in the northeast. tomorrow morning you'll need the winter coat and jacket and hat and gloves. >> thanks so much, 40-year-old. appreciate it. coming up on "morning joe," anti-ukranian sentiment building in the eastern part of the
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country. russia's connection to the uprising and the next step for the fledgling government. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler. if at first you don't succeed, climb, climb again. this poor guy man versus fence, yeah, your heart will break. we'll show you how it all comes out so nicely for the guy. and i think they say a child will lead the way. cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people. we are volvo of sweden. i'm bethand i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store.
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earlier we told you about the federal hate crime charges facing frazier glenn cross, charged with killing three people sunday. the fbi latest stats say 20% of all hate crimes in the u.s. are motivated by the victims' perceived religion. of that group, 65% are aimged d aimed at the jewish faith, 11% at muslims. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with louis. muslims. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with louis. muslims. let's huddle around the water cooler and check in with louis. you'll tell us about the man versus fence story. >> let's start with an amusing viral video. ♪
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>> he just gives up. >> he'slike how did you do that magic, young man? >> yeah. a child will lead the way. >> there he goes. >> success. >> he's trying to get through the fence through the bars and his stomach won't go. >> thank god for that child. >> let's check out with conan o'brien. he gave us a behind the scenes look. >> you're on in five.
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>> just give me a minute. okay. almost there. >> do you need help? >> no, i got it. i said i'll be there. within more minute. >> that's how conan prepares. how does thomas get ready? that is a level to make sure your tie is perfectly straight. you are a man that pays
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attention to detail. >> i'm a little obsessed. thank you for not showing how we do my hair. >> trade secrets. next up we have a question for you. how much would you pay to own a piece of this? ♪ you are a lonely girl, and i was a lonely boy, and when the evening was done the sound of love ♪ >> we're talking about the song. one fan was charged more than $4300 after she downloaded his greatest hits on her mobile phone. she was in south africa when she made her purchase. 20 minutes later, she wound up with a massive charge. her mobile company gave her a break, only had to pay $670. and she's not even a big neil
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we asked you for your best captions. michelle obama got into the spirit with letting the little baby put stickers on her face. what a great sport. want to bring you a quick recap. we're keeping a close eye on ukraine this morning where leaders are asking the u.n. to ke send peace keepers. and the white house is blaming russia for organizing the rebellion. boston marking the first anniversary since the marathon bombings killed three and injured more than 260 others. joe biden will join local
2:59 am
leaders later today for a tribute program to honest are or the victims. there will be a moment of silence, as well, at the finish line. and google glass officially goes on sale today. you can own the wearable computing device for a mere $1500 plus tax. but you better move quick. it's a one day sale and there is only a limited amount of glass available out there. so best of luck if you're trying to invest. that will do it for "way too early". "morning joe" starts right now. look at that. >> rainy. >> good morning. it's tuesday, april 15th. what a beautiful, beautiful day. chamber of commerce day in times square. isn't that beautiful? >> how is that beautiful? >> i thought you were from
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london. well, let's go to the top of the rock for a panoramic view of new york city. this beautiful morning. oh, my god. drink it all in. set, washingto anch anchor katty kay. this is going to be number one with a bullet. "the confidence code: the science and art of self-assurance, what women should know." we'll talk about it later this morning. and donnie deutsch and thomas roberts. in boston, mike barnacle. we have a lot to talk about. first of all, donnie, wow. atlantic. they unveiled it, man. look at this. closing the confidence gap. i'm excited about this for a couple reasons. obviously a good friend of our show. secondly you can rat


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